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Tides Seafood & Sushi Bar

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Tides Seafood & Sushi Bar inside Green Valley Ranch Resort offers a great assortment of sushi with fun choices such as the VGK roll, made with bigeye tuna, Hamachi, albacore, tempura-fried, and topped with Cajun sweet chili shrimp.

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    6 months ago

    I wanted to leave a review directly with the Tides Oyster Bar at GVR, but there was no avenue to do so.  Here it is…My family asked where I wanted to go for Mother’s Day May 14, 2023.  I said I want oysters.  We usually go to the Oyster Bar at Sunset Station which is always excellent.  Since the Oyster Bar was closed for renovation, we decided to go to the Tides Oyster Bar at Green Valley Ranch.  We thought we would get the same great service and great food.  Well, that was not the case.  We had a reservation.  Once we were seated, it took a long time to get an appetizer drink ordered.  It seemed like there were only two servers for the entire restaurant.  Then we wanted to order steamed clams:  they were out.  That meant no linguine and clams either which is a family favorite.  Dinner service was from 2 pm – 9pm that day.  Our reservation was for 4:30 pm.  How could they be out of clams 2 and half hours into their dinner service?  Then we ordered oysters.  They were out of 2 of the 4 special oysters.  We ordered a dozen of the special oysters – 6 an 6  of the two special oysters. They were delicious.  Then we ordered another dozen.  It seems like they ran out of the 3rd special oyster an subbed it with Pacific Oysters.  We knew this was the case and asked about it and the answer was that they were the same oysters that we ordered the first time.  We knew this was false but didn’t want to cause a scene.  We ate the 6 special oysters and the 6 Pacific oysters and were charged for the more expensive oysters.  Then came time for dessert.  We ordered two desserts.  All we can say is that the strawberry and mango napoleon was something we would expect to get at a hospital or convalescent home.  It was so awful, we could only take one bite.  So, for a special Mother’s day dinner that cost over $200.00 for three people it was very disappointing .  Our server was clearly overworked and it was not her fault that food and supplies were not properly ordered for the occasion.  We did leave her a big tip because she was so professional.  All in all if was a very bad experience and we will not go back.  Food quality is excellent, but staffing is sub par and menu availability was severely lacking.

    8 months ago

    Great seafood and great service at very good price points. I had the New Orleans gumbo with spice level as spicy hot. Was delicious if you like spicy. I tasted the bouillabaisse and pan fry both yummy. Great chowders too!

    8 months ago

    Busy and long first day..Honestly, looking for a quiet place to sit down and enjoy a nice meal.The special for the night caught my eye..Not too busy, and seated quickly..Hubby got the salmon and I loved the special..Steak was cooked perfectly and seasoned.. asparagus were thick and grilled..But the rice was so delish!..(I’m going to duplicate when I get home)!Salmon was grilled and tasty.Caesar salad was split and plenty.Service… mmmm.. almost had to get up to find our server for a refill..Server was also attending the bar, but never followed up for a long time..Maybe next time eat at the bar.. for better service..

    8 months ago

    First time visitor.  Wanted to check out since live music n the area.Ordered the gumbo.  Lotsa seafood and medium spice level was good, but the salt level was so salty that I had to send back.  Took awhile so ended up with mussels instead.  They were good and plentiful serving.Husband had the halibut and seemed to like it but didn’t look very exciting on the plate and presentation.The grilled oysters were decent.  Not as juicy with garlic butter and parm like we get in n NOLA.Waiter was very good and accommodating and the manager checked in on us.We’ll come back but more selective to what we’ll order.

    9 months ago

    Another lovely dinner, this time after seeing a movie (80 for Brady).  Liza was an excellent waitress.The sourdough bread, which I had been looking forward to, wasn’t very good; I think it was stale.Husband’s Jambalaya was good but he was put off a bit by the way some of the meat was “burned” on the outside.  He ordered it “mild” and was glad he did.  You may also choose ‘medium’ or ‘hot.’I ordered the salmon which was actually good but I assume it was farm-raised; otherwise, the menu would have described it as “fresh caught.”  I am avoiding rice, so Liza suggested putting the salmon on a bed of asparagus.  That was awesome!We were celebrating a wedding anniversary, so the restaurant comped a dessert.  I chose the beignets which I took home.  Good, not great, but I do appreciate it.We’ll be back in about six weeks to see another Lily Tomlin / Jane Fonda movie (Moving On) and we’ll eat here again that evening.  It’s consistent.

    10 months ago

    My personal favorite @ Tides Oyster Bar is shrimp cocktail to go.We’ve eaten in the restaurant several times and my family seems to enjoy the food. Although, I most enjoy just walking in and ordering a couple of shrimp cocktails to go. I take my nicely packaged treats and head to the sports book, only a few steps away. The extra spicy cocktail sauce always makes game night better.

    10 months ago

    So I’m playing horses (right next to Tides) and want to get something fast to eat. The place is practically empty. I go into Tides and I am greeted by 3 women chatting. Turns out one is the manager. I say that I want to place a carryout order. They point me to the end of the counter (where there is no one) and tell me someone will be out to take my order in a minute. I go to the end of the counter and I’m a little annoyed because any one of the 3 chatty Cathy’s could have processed my order. 3 minutes go by and no one comes out. I’m getting pissed because the  3 women can not only see that no one has come out, their conversation has never stopped. 5 minutes, no one. 6 minutes, no one. 7 minutes, no one… and conversation continues. 8 minutes and I’ve had enough. I walk out of the restaurant, pass the 3 women still gabbing, and over to the food court on the other side of casino. I get something from Panda Express to go, come back to the racebook. Still pissed, I decide I want to vent. I ask to speak to the manager and out walks one of the 3 gabbing women. She ask if she can help me (ironic). I told her she is part of the problem and I proceed to tell her why I’ll never eat there again. I also tell her If I was their boss, things would be a lot different-you don’t need 3 women standing around chatting.

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