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4 years ago

Disappointed because I ordered Take Out on the website. Paid for the food via Apple Pay. All looked good until I picked the order up. I was charged a $4. Convenience Fee! Now, this is the first time I ordered from Capriottis website, for a pick up, I usually eat in the restaurant. If this is customary for to go/pick up, I won’t do that again. I love their subs and salad but not the convenience fee!

6 years ago

This review is for the drive thru…who doesn’t love the luxury of a drive thru when you have kids or dogs in your car or if the temperature is 120 degarees?!!  I LOVE the green tea frappechino  made with almond milk, sugar-free vanilla, extra matcha and until recently I added a scoop of protein powder (they took it off the menu) and no whip, for my dog…the puppachino (whip cream in a cup) and the kids either order the frozen hot chocolate or the green tea frappechino made the “normal” way with extra whip!   Admittedly, I’m sometimes a bit jealous about everyone else (but me) indulging on the whip cream!  It’s So good but it doesn’t like me:(  …oh…the puppachino is FREE for your pooch!  Yay, Starbucks!!

6 years ago

Oh my gosh! What a great time!!! This show has me smiling and laughing with my friend the entire time. I loved every part of it! So interactive and fun to watch. The guys are all beautiful looking. And you can pay $20 at the end to take a picture with them. Totally worth it. Phones are only allowed at one point of the show so you have to Disconnect and enjoy yourself.

6 years ago

I recently had a flat tire repaired there. They failed to balance the tire, put the wrong pressure that caused my car to fish tail (and may have caused a blown tire)  when I drove it,and  the tire lugs/nuts were so tight it took special tools to take it off.

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