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The Rat Pack is Back

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Relive the days of the Rat Pack with Las Vegas’ most famous entertainers and their live big band as they appeared in the original Copa Room. The Rat Pack is Back is the only Las Vegas based show with national touring companies.

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    8 months ago

    Wow.. didn’t expect to be this great!!! It was so much fun. The interaction Dean-Frank-Sammy was the funniest I’ve seen in Vegas or anywhere. Voices superb.. especially Frank is a Legend from Providence on loan to Vegas.Small but comfortable theatre with a Great Band behind them. Super service from bar right at your seats. A Must when in Vegas!!! 5 Star and shot out to Playboy  bunny made appearance on stage with them.. she was funny and drop dead gorgeous.

    10 months ago

    Visited The Rat Back Is Back at Tuscany Casino off the Strip. Obviously going into a show off Strip, you need to make sure that you’re not comparing a show in a zillion dollar theater to a small showroom in a casino. After grabbing tickets from the box office, we stood in line and then were brought to a table by an usher. Before the show begins, there is a TV screen that plays Rat Pack trivia. Apparently The Rat Pack called themselves “The Summit” which makes sense now why another off-strip casino named their showroom “The Summit.” The show begins with the Frank Sinatra impersonator Chris Jason coming out on stage to sing along with a seven piece live band. Jason has very striking blue eyes, just like Frank, with the voice to match. Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator Kyle Diamond and Dean Martin impersonator Drew Anthony join Jason on stage to sing classics such as My Way, Candy Man, and Volare. There are parts of the show where they try to interact with the audience (my husband and I were probably the only two under the age of 65) as well as sing along. Unfortunately most of the audience don’t know the majority of the words to the songs apart from a line or two of the chorus. I’d prefer to just listen to their great voices than have audience participation. There is a portion of the show where they interact with eachother in character. I honestly didn’t understand the banter. My husband asked me what they were talking about and I was like, “I have no idea.” This is also the part where they brought out a woman in a classic Playboy Bunny costume, Krystan Hoffman. She makes a few adult jokes and sings to Sinatra and that was it. I wasn’t offended, but I’m not familiar enough with the Rat Pack’s show (only their songs) to know who she’s supposed to be.There is a bar as well as a waitress that takes drink orders during the show. There is also a merch table and an entire act centered around selling t-shirts. I wasn’t a fan of that part, especially because the shirts are a bit plain looking. I just want to hear more music!I think if the show focused on music only and got rid of trying to interact with the crowd and not recreate some of the banter of the Rat Pack, it would be 4 stars. Visited: January 2023

    1 years ago

    SKIP this one…..   Here’s why.   The singing was ok….not wonderful, but ok.    “Frank”‘ has the best voice by far.  I also thought “Frank” sounded the most like the real thing.. and I’m old enough to remember seeing/hearing all 3 of them many times over the decades.     The humor was great, very in tune with the 60s time period.   HOWEVER.    Two knocks.    One, as impressionists the voices of “Dean”and “Sammy” aren’t really close, though their look wasn’t all that bad….    BIGGEST ISSUE?    It’s a 68 minute show including a few minute compilation of tv, show and movie clips from the real thing (and other Vegas entertainers) from back in the day.    $90 for basically an hour of entertainment is outright robbery.    I saw the REAL Donny Osmond and John Fogarty while I was here… each ran 90 minutes long and for LESS money.    Also here are Santana and Manilow – less $$$ than Rat Pack for the real thing and a longer show.

    1 years ago

    Great show. Such characters. Very talented. Small room and they seat you where they want. Interactive with the audience. Slight cheesy factor. If you love this type of music and want to be taken back in time with old jokes and conversation from the good ol days… it’s a good choice. Take photos with them right after , nice guys.

    1 years ago

    brings me back, mom / dad came here on junkets, we stay at  the dunes, as a kid the host yelling at me in the casino, mr. sinatra tells the host cant you tell he is a midget? dad came over to host, right or wrong, not ever yell at my son or we can go in the back right f n  now! mr.sinatra said about dad, he is not a midget!

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