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MRKT at Aliante Casino + Hotel + Spa offers fresh and delectable fare by land and sea. There is filet mignon, porterhouse steak, prime rib, salmon, lobster, scallops, crab and much more to suite any palate.

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    1 years ago

    Being new to the neighborhood, we wanted check out Aliante casino and have some dinner. So we decided to give MRKT a try. Walked in and were welcomed by the hostess who was very friendly. We asked to sit in a bar booth because the game was on. It’s a nice set up, but the seats are high and the table is low. Hard to slide in and out. But still a nice booth. The service: We waited a good 15 or more minutes before anyone acknowledged us. Not a great start. And we were starving from our day at work! Once someone actually came over, the service was better. Still spotty, but better.The Food:For food, we ordered some stuff to split. We started with the calamari, which was pretty good. Good flavor and not chewy. It’s not pictured because we ate it pretty quick being hungry. We ordered the wedge salad next with no tomato. Ordered dressing on the side because the wifey doesn’t like blue cheese dressing. So she got ranch(which very good)!For entrees we ordered the Prime ribeye and the braised short rib with polenta. Both very good!! Sides were Al La carte. We got the mashed and the grilled asparagus. Both good. But the asparagus was on the very large size. Not portion, but the asparagus itself. A little to Al dente for a size like that. We will be back and give the service another try. Only reason it is a 4star review. Just a pointer from someone who is in the biz, might want to have your manager on the floor instead of chilling in the side station in view of guests. Especially when the service was struggling to the point the hostess was dropping off silver for marking.

    1 years ago

    Food was good, the prime ribeye was cooked perfectly and the garlic cilantro sauce paired nicely with it. Only downfall on food was the timing. We got the appetizer fast then the salad took someTime and then it took awhile to get our servers attention to order. The atmosphere was ok, we sat at a booth near the bar and it was super cold so that was a little uncomfortable. Overall not bad, better service would have helped but we will give it another try.

    1 years ago

    I’ve been to MRKT several times.  This is the first time I can say that the food was absolutely horrible.My wife asked for her appetizer (shrimp cocktail) to come out first.  It was forgotten, and she didn’t get it until after she was served her main course.My wife also asked for her Prime Ribeye to be cooked medium.  It was served beyond raw.  It looked pretty gross, to be blunt.My father ordered fish.  Zero flavor, and it was hard to eat around the burnt paper it was stuck to.I ordered the cheese burger, and it was horrible.  A simple dish, that I assumed sat under a heat lamp way too long.I understand it was busy for Mother’s Day.  And the servers tried their best to make their patrons happy.  But if the kitchen can’t handle the volume, then the reservations should be kept to a minimum.As much as we love the restaurant, paying a high price for a horrible dinner is enough to prevent us from coming back.I’m sorry MRKT.  I would have expected this from a place like outback, not from you.

    1 years ago

    Great service good food   Comfortable atmosphere.  You can dress up or go casual Prices are a little on the high side but the steak is really delicious

    1 years ago

    I was torn between a few menu items and ultimately went with the surf & turf special advertised by my server. It was a very small portion of filet mignon (perhaps 6oz.) and a lobster tail. For my sides I ordered the Brussels sprouts and Mac and cheese. My server did warn me the sides were larger portions. Each side could have easily fed three people.The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. My water glass was constantly refilled and they’d checked in frequently to ask how my meal was. I ended dinner with a warm butter cake and ice cream for dessert.I’d visited once the restaurant opened so it was fairly quiet and I enjoyed the noise level wasn’t too high despite the music playing and conversations taking place at different tables.

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