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Desert View Senior Living

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At Desert View Senior Living, you will find a warm, dedicated staff committed to creating a community you will be delighted to call home. With no buy-in fees and a convenient month-to-month lease, our residents have flexibility and freedom should their needs change.

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    1 years ago

    The staff and residents are great! My mother loved everyone who helped her in her last year. However, the management is awful. Lots of promises made, none kept. Rent was paid for September but my Mother passed away on August 31. I was promised a refund the day after she passed and then again on September 29. As of today October 28, still no refund.

    1 years ago

    It is such a big and scary task to find a place to take care of a parent. The things you hear about can be horrifying. This is why I am here.

    Desert View Senior Living is more than I could ever ask for. The cleanliness, the staff, the rooms, activities, special occasions, food, champanionship, and most importantly the care and attention are all top notch. Beyond top notch. It was one of my biggest reliefs to have my mother at Desert View. From the time she started there in the senior living section to the time her dementia became to much and she was transferred to their memory section I never worried about her care and well-being. Every single person that works there is special, they truly care and make it known their work matters to them and the people they care for.

    My mother was so happy there. She got involved in activities and became familiar with all the staff and eveyone that lived there.

    It was a tremendous experience and I am forever in debt and full of gratitude to every person there.

    Please feel confident and fully secure when you choose Desert View Senior Living.

    My heart felt love and gratitude goes to Desert View.

    3 years ago

    It is hard to write a review in the wake of 2020 but I think the best way to write this review is to do so in the form of a Thank You. Thank you Charlie Wolff. From the first conversation that helped us to actually plan out Dad’s transition to his new home and your hopeful support as we worked toward bringing mom to join him. We couldn’t have prayed for a more supportive person to guide us through this process as well as the many layers to obtaining VA benefits. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you to the nursing and support staff, he would fuss about people checking on him so much but we were able to rest easy knowing that he was receiving the care that WE needed him to receive. He was very proud to be in a facility that honored his service and what it meant to be an “old soldier”. Picking him up each week for his appointments was much more settling in his new environment. You all did an fantastic job of caring for our dad when he needed it most and I would say of anyone looking to find quality care in a well organized, professional community, consider Desert View Senior Living … and if you have questions, ASK them. Don’t guess and don’t take someone’s word for it who just didn’t want to pay the bill. The quality of life for someone you love is worth the budgeting. I am glad we have these final memories of him, enjoying a few less burdens of care and enjoying what he could. Thank You.

    3 years ago

    Don’t entrust your loved ones to this Memory Care unit. I brought my father here from Florida, and had to make a decision on which facility to use in Las Vegas very quickly. After seeing 4-5 places, I made the mistake of choosing Desert View.

    Within less than a month of arriving, he fell twice in less than 8 hours. Having Alzheimer’s, he usually forgot to use his walker. In the middle of the night, he fell while using the bathroom without his walker, hitting the back of his head on the sink or tile (he didn’t recall falling). He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where they stapled the laceration, and did 2 scans, 6 hours apart, to check for a brain bleed. After both were negative, they took him back to Desert View.

    No more than 15 minutes after he was taken back to his room, he went to the bathroom again, no walker, and fell a second time, this time hitting his forehead. Why wasn’t anyone assigned to watch a 93 year old man, with Alzheimer’s, who had already fallen once? At least until he got settled, and assist him to the bathroom?

    By the way, they told me that “residents have the right not to use their walkers.” Sure, I know. But shouldn’t you watch them a little more carefully?

    Another trip in an ambulance, another scan (no staples or stitches needed).

    After the first fall, I was with him in the ER; he was his normal, forgetful self. After he returned from his second ER visit, he was altered. Our whole family was at Desert View; he was agitated, combative, and his speech was garbled.

    Nonetheless, the Desert View staff insi insisted on giving him his morning meds. He fought them, so (in front of us all) they shoved them in his mouth, then held the cup to his lips and made him drink. It took several times before he swallowed everything.

    This was a “Med Tech” using her [questionable] judgement. Desert View doesn’t use LPNs to distribute meds. Perhaps someone with professional nursing judgement might have realized that forcing a patient to swallow fluids against their will can lead to aspiration (fluids in the lungs) which can lead to pneumonia.

    Did I mention that I’m an RN?

    Because of his altered state, I insisted on his being taken back to the hospital.

    Where he died two days later.

    Of aspiration pneumonia.

    Don’t worry, though. Desert View made sure I paid the outstanding amount on his bill.

    5 years ago

    My mom moved to Desert View from a facility in Georgia, where other family members lived. She is thriving in Desert View. She is so much happier now. She has friends and stays busy. Of course, the “girls” like to gossip and carry on about small things, but you can tell they are all pretty content. The staff is wonderful and helpful as well. Always friendly faces. I’m happy too, knowing that Mom is taken care of when I can’t be with her.

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