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4 years ago

We have visited this Starbucks location a few times while in Vegas, as it’s usually the closest coffee spot to us when we choose to stay centrally on this side of the strip. Overall, this spot is comparable to any other Starbucks location you may visit. They have the same menu, similar retail items, and like other Starbucks locations, it can get busy and you may have to wait a bit for your order. My only complaints about this location are that it can get kind of messy, again it gets busy, and people are messy, so it’s understandable; but, I wish the staff had more time to pick up the dining area. And, we have never been able to place an order online for this location. I love to use the Starbucks app, and then run in and grab my order, and on our most recent visits (we visited twice in one week) we were unable to order this way, so we had to stand in line to order, and then sit and wait inside the store for our coffee and breakfast. Overall, if you’re in the area and looking for a Starbucks, I think this one is fine.

1 years ago

This place gets more popular every time I go to it! Really is a must stop for cheap eats in Las Vegas..very close off the strip off of Kovel and has a very the casino yet small has a very strong customer base! You-tubers have really put the cafe on the map so prepare for a wait. Had the King prime rib dinner, which was not that bad. The cheesecake was well below average…But I’m a very harsh on desserts for some reason! Other than that a solid cheap eats in Las Vegas and well worth the stop for many reasons!

5 years ago

We came here after the Knights game on Saturday. There was a group of us and we were sat in the main dining room. We all ordered our wings and waited for it to be delivered. I ordered 14 traditional wings with the salt and vinegar rub on them. I think they forgot the rub?! The wings were fried to a crisp and one was completely inedible. As we were sitting in the dining room with two other parties, this lady (who looked to maybe be a manager) walked in the room and turned off EVERY SINGLE TV with NO explanation of why. She didn’t acknowledge us, let us know that they are trying to close that area of the restaurant. Absolutely rude, a simple “hey, were closing the dinning room soon, would you like me to leave a TV on for you?” Not a word though.One of us went to the bar to order birthday shots for our friend and they were completely ignored at the bar. When the bar tender finally acknowledged her, they didn’t believe that she was sitting in the dining room (we were left in the dark) and followed her to our table to verify that we were sitting there. Really? He verified that she wasn’t lying and let her order the shots. They took forever to make them so we ended up just going over to the bar and waiting there. It was obvious that they didn’t want us there. We ordered a couple more drinks and left soon after.The food and customer service completely lacked and I am disappointed. Bdubs is a very popular place in Las Vegas and it seems no matter what location I go to, the food is at best a 3/5 and the service is usually worse than that.

1 years ago

This place is amazing! The food is amazing, the people are amazing everything is amazing! Everything is homemade, fresh and tasty and all the workers are nice and friendly. I love their chicken schnitzel with the salad and the fries. And lets not talk about the cucumber water and the warm and freshly made pitas. The cucumber water is amazing and the pitas are sooo goood! You can literally see the workers make them! This is my favorite place to eat from now on and is going to be my go to!

4 years ago

Usually when you walk into a bar, the first thing you say after saying “ouch” is well, the food will be just the sane here as anywhere else. However, the food here is above the other bar style restaurants in the area. They have a menu with a variety of items from which to choose. I usually get the chicken wings, cobb salad, or the steak omelette. The portions are large and the food tastes great. If you have a choice in servers, choose Ericka. She is always very friendly and always gets even complicated orders right the first time. The restaurant seating is pretty spaced out and you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of other people. The bar area had plenty of seating and is always fully equipped for watching the game.

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