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2 years ago

Ive only come into this location after 4am and I’ve NEVER had a bad experience. The bartender Gary is always so friendly and accommodating, and the kitchen staff has also made my experience worth while. I’ll never go anywhere else after my late night shifts on Fremont street. This bar not only has good drinks, but they food never fails to make my night better. I HIGHLY recommend stopping in

1 years ago

The chicken/bacon/tomato sandwich is so delicious! It’s very big, filling & perfectly seasoned. The bread was so buttery & crispy. Not a 5 star for me but could be, the fries or maybe it’s chips was too hard & overly seasoned. The macaroni and cheese, that was very sad 🙁 no seasonings, dry, hardly any cheese. I would definitely return but not for the fries/chips and Mac & Cheese, but if they change the recipe up, I’d definitely give it another try.

1 years ago

Do not go there owner let people with dogs eat from same plate I was eating then people came with a dog and dog was eating from plate on the table we told the front desk they said is OK we wash the dishes later I was a customer monthly one after that no more love the lobsters deals

7 years ago

I’ve taken Calculus and Biology classes at NSC during the summer – pretty intense 6-week semester. I’ve taken a Biology class at CSN but I had to drop it because the instructor gave me the “this is just my part-time job and I don’t really care” vibe. And I’ve heard the same complaint from friends that went there.The instructors at NSC will push you to try harder. Sure, it seems like a lot of work and it can be difficult but in the end, you’ll be glad the instructors teach the way they do. You’ll retain information for years…it’s not just about memorizing a bunch of things but more thinking and applying knowledge.The instructors seem tough and some of them have made people cry in class or get really upset/ offended. You’re here to learn, think and work hard. If you’re lazy and not self-motivated, this is not the school for you.They’re expanding and adding more buildings. When I first went here, it was only the Dawson building and the LAS building was being built. Now, they have the NSE building and a student center.Campus security is also very helpful unlike other schools’ who’s busy issuing parking tickets and offers zero assistance when you need them! I was on campus at 5am to avoid EDC traffic and I had an exam. I was reading my notes in the parking lot and it was pretty dark. Campus security let me in the building and my room so I could study. That was very nice.

5 years ago

Another Starbucks location–nothing terribly exciting at this one. I will mention that they have some weird hours, but I guess it’s fair since there’s a few other nearby stores. Be sure to use the app for mobile orders. Since the area is surrounded with business offices, the place can be packed from 8-9AM and also around lunch time. So it’s almost necessary to use the app ahead of time–unless you don’t mind waiting in long lines!The staff is average. Nothing horrible, but nothing fantastic. Just come here if it’s convenient for you.

6 years ago

Unfortunately my first trip to Distilled was a bit of a let down. I live 3 miles from this location and was hoping to find another go-to lunch spot I could be a regular at. I forgot my ID so I sat in the restaurant. No biggie, I prefer to eat smoke free. The only problem was that it took a bit for anyone to realize I was there. Again, no biggie at this point so I ordered drinks and all is good.For an appetizers I tried an order of  pretzel bites which look amazing from the start but were a quick let down. The mustard was alright but the cheese is the same stuff you would get at the gas station and it was cold by the time it was served to us.I ordered a side salad that came with the wrong dressing. I ordered Blue Cheese but got Caesar. It looked beautiful but It took the waitress so long to return to our table I never got the right dressing and ended up asking them to take it off our bill. Sadly I had nothing to review there .I also ordered a half order of Biskets and Garvey and the Jalapeno Popper Burger. The B&G were a 2/5 stars. The garvey seemed like it was from a jar with some cut up sausage added to make it seem made from scratch. And last the burger was raw in the middle. I’m leaving two stars because all of the food looks amazing even the we had so many issues & Management was very helpful after the raw meat situation. I’ll try again next month in hopes that I can leave a much better review!

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