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4 years ago

How awesome is this place???  Just found out that our wine making group took the GOLD for our making of the “Old Vine Zinfandel” this past year!!!!  Came here to rejoice and relax with a couple of glasses of wine and …their new Apple Cider that they make!!!!!  If you haven’t got a groupie together to make your own wine, you need to!!!!  It’s quite the experience and you definitely won’t regret it!!!!  Thanks Collin, you helped to make a great experience tonight!!!!

8 years ago

We began our patronage of this location in the late 90s.  The prices went up and the service went down in the past couple years, so this was our first visit in… well over a year.  The bar was so filthy I would not set my phone down. We had to ask to have it wiped down.  Twice.  The first time it was so corroded it did no good.  By then we’d ordered a drink so we were kind of stuck, for $6.50 a tall beer.  We asked the 2nd bartender, Amanda if she could wipe it down.  She actually went in the back for a good towel with cleaner and put some muscle into it.  After she saw what our bar area looked like, she cleaned the whole bar area, patron by patron.  It must have been a busy Friday  happy hour, we got there around 8pm+.We were thinking okay, sloppy previous shift, all is well.  We ordered our food and it came out wrong.  Amanda intercepted and sent it back.  After a few minutes we saw that she went back and made our salad, as we ordered it, herself, to get it right.  And, during the playoffs when it was pretty busy!  So we stayed because of her efforts and giving benefit of the doubt due to post Friday happy hour on top of playoffs.  The salad Amanda brought out was perfect.  The other food was sunburned by the hot lamp, but it’s the playoffs and we really can’t be too upset.  Sauces were good but the boneless wings were a bit dry, but love love love that they aren’t over breaded.  Again, it was the playoffs.  I would come back for just the sauces they were so good.  And if Amanda is taking care of us, I trust a good experience.  Amanda was on top of it all night.  I will come back and give this place another shot if she’s on shift.  But right now I can’t vouch for anyone else, as she covered all the bases.

12 years ago

I work with youth and help them transition out of foster care. This means starting college for most, of course I encourage csn because its cheaper but not anymore. Over the years my youth have had problem after problem, unfortunately I had a few youth drop out because fin. aid & residency issues. I have never been to a school where you wait for an hour in a fin. aid line. If you wan’t to complain send an email to the NSHE board of regents, CSN is governed by the state. Check out the website & start emailing. Please let your voice be heard, this school sucks. There are good teachers!

5 years ago

This location is ok. It serves its purpose if you’re in the area looking for a Starbucks or a spot to get a caffeine fix. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it because service is slow and drinks sometimes take forever to come out! My pour over coffee took nearly 20 minutes today! And I mobile ordered too!

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